Born and raised in Georgia, Will Ruff is a versatile musician, who is making an indelible mark on the vibrant Atlanta music scene. With a rich background in both classical and jazz music, he is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in violin, viola, and mandolin.

Will Ruff holds a Viola Performance degree and Jazz minor from the University of Georgia, where he honed his skills and deepened his appreciation for the complexities and beauties of music. His journey into the world of music began at the age of 9, setting the stage for a lifelong dedication to artistic expression. 

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical luminaries, including Arnold Schoenberg, Django Reinhardt, John Coltrane, and Claude Debussy, Will Ruff’s musical palette spans a spectrum of genres. His performances encompass everything from the soulful depths of jazz to the intricate harmonies of classical and the foot stomping rhythms of bluegrass.

However, what truly distinguishes Will Ruff is his unique compositions that traverse these genres. Guided by an unwavering commitment to non-traditional approaches to group improvisation, he seeks to break and redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

As an educator, Will Ruff imparts his knowledge and passion for music to the next generation of musicians, nurturing their talents and fostering A deeper connection to the art form. He firmly believes in the power of music to unite and his hope is to bring musicians and audiences closer together through the magic of improvised music and collaborative exploration.

Whether he is captivating audiences with virtuosic performance or pushing the boundaries of musical innovation through composition, Will Ruff is a true luminary in the Atlanta music scene his dedication to the art and unwavering commitment to bridging musical genres makes him an artist to watch and listen to.

Connect with Will Ruff to experience the transformative power of music and join him on a journey of exploration, innovation, and artistic discovery.